Our Social Compliance Policy

Our social compliance policy of Nigtas AS includes standards, based on our company main principles and vision. Our main goal is Niğtaş A.Ş. Social Compliance Policy to becomes a corporate culture. For this purpose, social compliance standards have been established and started to be applied. With this social compliance standards of Nigtas AS commits to give; all the rights of employees within the framework of the laws, to comply with occupational health and safety rules, to be environment friendly, to provide a workplace where employees can build transparent and honest communication, respect and to give value of the human.  


Prevention Of Forced Adn Compulsory Work

The employee is obliged to do the job that she/he has been assigned in return for the wage given to her in accordance with the employment contract established with his / her own consent with the employer. Do not force the employee work in a job other than overtime or employment contract without his consent, 


Prevention Of Hiring Child Labor

To protect children from all kinds of abuse, to act in accordance with the procedures and principles of child and youth worker employment within the framework of institutional respect for their healthy development and the right to education, and not to employ anyone under the legal minimum age limit


To hire employees on the base of their ability to perform the job, not on the base of language, religion, race, sect,  color, ethnicity, marital status, gender, political opinion, belief, age, pregnancy and disability discrimination or any other condition that may cause discrimination; in addition, to implement remuneration, social assistance, promotion, dismissal and discipline practices by taking care in this direction; to provide equal opportunities to all employees in the performance of these works, except for the special working conditions that are granted by law to pregnant women, young workers and disabled workers 


Working Hours

To comply with applicable laws and obligations in determining working hours, to comply with weekly and annual overtime limits and customer standards specified by laws, if overtime occur, to pay the wages of overtime by calculating from the increased wage specified by the law.


Respect For Freedom Of Association And Representation

Respecting the right of free and democratic representation, through employee representatives,


Fees And Payments

Not paying wages below the minimum wage, calculating overtime wages in accordance with the law; Paying the minimum wage to be paid to employees and continuously improving the conditions in this regard


Providing Worker Health And Work Saffety And Sustainability

To minimize any loss by creating with a safer and healthier working environment; within the legal regulations on Occupational Health and Safety, to implement a working system that prioritizes the general health of the employees and to take the necessary measures about the factors and conditions that affect their safety, Improving ISG practices 


Deliver Wishes And Compliants

To create methods that every employee can relay their wishes and complaints, will provide timely and effective evaluation and feedback, no retaliation will be made against the employee's request or complaint 


Compliance With Laws And Other Liabilities

To operate in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations,business partnership rules of our customers


Disciplin, Prevention Of Harrassment And Abuse

To respect all employees, not to incur corporate punishment; not to allow verbal, physical, psychological harassment, coercion, threat or ill-treatment


Bribery And Corruption

No gifts or payments from all our employees and suppliers will be accepted under any circumstances and such requests will not be made, NİĞTAŞ A.Ş. will behave within the framework of the Ethical Rules of NİĞTAŞ A.Ş.


Protecting Enviroment

To comply with the current environmental legislation and customer standards, to prevent environmental pollution based on environmental dimensions and impact assessment, and to reduce pollution with an effective waste management, in addition, to protect natural resources and reduce their impact on the environment with an effective energy method.


Relations With Suppliers

Obtaining the commitments of the supplier companies they work with for their compliance with social compliance issues, to be evaluated in terms of social compliance, Nigtas AS will monitor the evaluation results with an action plan and to increase the social compliance levels rapidly.

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