Our Code Of Ethics

Objective: Code of Ethics are one of the values that should be followed in the execution of various professions today.

Code of Ethics refer to the principles and standards required to achieve correct behavior in the field of management.

In other words, ethics are guiding values, principles and standards that help people determine "how things should be done". Ethic is also a process. In this process, while making decisions and implementing them, we act in accordance with certain values.

Scope: In some cases, laws and other legal regulations may be insufficient to define the immoral behavior that occurs in an institution. In the “gray areas” where such legal gaps exist, code of ethics and standards that will assist company employees in solving the dilemmas encountered are at least as important as laws.

Ethics Committee: Ethics Committees consist of 1 President and at least 3 Members from Department Directors within the institution. In cases where there are not enough managers or senior employees, 2 chiefs for each manager can be included in the Committee. How long the members of the ethics committee will serve and other issues are determined by the board of directors.

Functions of the Ethics Committee;

  • To place and develop ethical culture in institutions and organizations,
  • Providing advice and guidance regarding the problems faced by the staff on ethical principles of conduct
  • Evaluating ethical practices.

Ethics Committee Working Principles

The Ethics Committee conducts its work on the following principles;

  • Keeps the agenda, complaints or notifications confidential
  • Investigation process is carried out with written documents and evidence from beginning to end.
  • Official reports are signed by the President and members.
  • During the decision-making process on ethical rules, the Chairman and Members of the committee act independently of the management of their department and the hierarchy within the organizational chart.
  • The Committee can consult an expert when necessary.

Execution: Applications made on the grounds that company officials act against ethical principles are evaluated by the ethics committee in terms of "whether there is a violation of ethical behavior principles" within the framework of the regulation.

As a result of the investigation, the ethics committee decides on the existence or absence of behavior contrary to the code of ethics; a disciplinary action such as warning, reprimand, etc. cannot be taken. Because ethical review and disciplinary investigation are different from each other.

In the event that the ethics committee decides on the existence of behavior contrary to code of ethics as a result of the investigation, it sends the related behavior to the disciplinary committee.

Our Code of Ethics

  1. Integrity and Fairness

Integrity and honesty are our primary values in all our business processes and relationships. We act with integrity and honesty in our relations with employees and all our stakeholders.

  1. Privacy

Confidential and private information; It covers information about Niğtaş A.Ş that may create disadvantage in terms of competition, trade secrets, financial and other information that has not yet been disclosed to the public, information on personnel personal rights and information within the framework of "confidentiality agreements" concluded with third parties.

As Niğtaş A.Ş employees; we pay attention to the privacy and protection of the private information of our customers, employees and other relevant persons and organizations we work with. We protect confidential information regarding the activities of the Group Companies, we use this information only for the purposes of Niğtaş A.Ş and we only share this information with the relevant people within the specified authorities.

It is absolutely unacceptable to obtain any commercial interest by leaking any confidential information belonging to Niğtaş A.Ş. While quitting the job, we do not take out the confidential information and documents that we have due to our duties, and projects, regulations, etc.

  1. Respect for the Individual

At Niğtaş A.Ş., we are all the cornerstones of success. We respect that our employees come from different cultural environments and we do not discriminate. We are open to interaction in our contacts. Our communication is open, frequent, sincere and respectful. We appreciate each other, listen, approach constructively, evaluate, explain our opinion and definitely answer it. In our company, we all contribute to the creation of a fair, constructive and trust-based environment where different ideas are freely expressed, respectful to the private life of individuals. We develop and implement the career plans of our employees in a way that ensures their personal and professional development. We authorize people and create the necessary tools and appropriate working environment to enable them to be successful.

Employees of Niğtaş A.Ş respect everyone, appreciate the differences between people (Language, Religion, Race) and treat others as they want to be treated. Niğtaş A.Ş staff should be empathizing.

  1. Avoiding the Usage of Duties and Powers for Personal Benefit and Conflict of Interests.

As Niğtaş A.Ş employees, we aim to avoid conflict of interests. Taking advantage of our current position; we do not obtain personal interest from people and organizations with whom we have business relations personally, through our family or relatives. We do not engage in any business activity based on an additional financial interest outside of Niğtaş A.Ş. We avoid using the name and power of Niğtaş Brand and our Niğtaş identity for personal interest.

In the event of a potential conflict of interest, we apply these methods when we believe that the interests of the relevant parties can be safely protected by legal and ethical methods. In case of hesitation, we consult our manager, the Human Resources Department or the Ethics Committee.

  1. Our Responsibilities

Besides our legal responsibilities; we take care to fulfill our responsibilities to our customers, employees, suppliers and business partners, and our competitors, as listed below.

       5.1 Our Legal Responsibilities

Domestic and we carry out all our activities and operations of the existing laws of the Republic of Turkey and abroad within the framework of international law, the right to regulatory authorities and institutions, we offer a complete and understandable information in time.

While conducting all our activities and transactions, we stay at an equal distance to all kinds of public institutions and organizations, administrative organizations, non-governmental organizations and political parties without any expectation of interest and fulfill our obligations with this sense of responsibility.

       5.2 Our Responsibilities Towards Our Customers

We work with an understanding focused on customer satisfaction and responding to the needs and demands of our customers in the shortest time and in the most accurate way. We provide our services on time and under the conditions we promise; we approach our customers within the framework of respect, honor, justice, equality and courtesy.

       5.3 Our Responsibilities Towards Employees

We ensure that our employees' personal rights are fully and correctly used. We treat employees honestly and fairly, and promise a non-discriminatory, safe and healthy working environment. We make the necessary effort for the personal development of our employees, we secure the balance between business life and private life.

        5.4 Our Responsibilities Towards Our Partners

Giving priority to the continuity of Niğtaş A.Ş and in line with the goal of creating value for our partners; we avoid taking unnecessary or unmanageable risks and aim for sustainable profitability. We act within the framework of financial discipline and accountability and manage our company's resources and assets and our working time with the awareness of efficiency and savings. We take care to increase our competitive power and invest in areas that have growth potential and provide the highest return to the resource. In our statements to our shareholders and the public; we provide timely, accurate, complete and understandable information about our financial statements, strategies, investments and risk profile.

       5.5 Our Responsibilities Towards Our Suppliers / Business Partners

As expected from a good customer, we behave fairly and respectfully, we pay special attention to fulfill our obligations on time. We carefully protect the confidential information of the people and organizations we do business with and our business partners.

  1. Receiving Gifts

Gifts given to company employees cause ethical debates in the public, therefore cause criticism of company officials, increase perceptions about corruption, and cause to distrust of the reputation and trust in company officers and managers. Gifts that are tolerated and seem insignificant at first glance can often affect the impartiality, decisions and duties of the company official.

Due to these facts, we do not provide or accept products and services such as bribes or exaggerated gifts.

In cases where an expensive gift is required to be received, the subject gift is delivered to Niğtaş A.Ş.

The gifts and promotional materials to be given by the company to customers, dealers and other third parties with business relations are approved by the upper management. Depending on the value of the approved gifts, upper management may request that the gift to be delivered to the company.


  1. Sourcing Policy

Company interests are taken into account when the sources are used on behalf of Niğtaş.  Regardless of the title and for the benefit of anyone company assets, facilities and personnel cannot be used outside of the company without the benefit of the company. The principle of "saving in all matters" is applied by all Niğtaş A.Ş. staff. 

It is essential that no special visitors are accepted during working hours. Employees are required to complete the visits for compulsory visitors in a reasonable time in connection with the subject of the visit and in a manner that does not interfere with the work routine.

One of the important preconditions for creating a corporate culture based on code of ethics is ethics education. Personnel at all levels employed in our company must be informed about ethical behavior principles and their responsibilities regarding these principles. Human Resources is obliged to provide this training as part of the orientation training to newly employed personnel.

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