About Niğtaş Mikronize

We were founded as a private company in 1986. As a result of our endeavours, we started carrying out our works in a more comprehensive way under the name ‘Niğtaş Ltd. Şti.’in 1996. Our micronized calcite (natural calcium carbonate) processing began as of 2004 to increase our market share with the advantage of both our high raw material quality and of our capacity. In order to meet increased demands over time, we put into practice Mikrokal Ltd. Şti., the affiliate company of Niğtaş, in 2006Interkarb, another affiliate company in Russia, in 2007, and the second production plant of Mikrokal in Kırıkkale. We have been giving service with our logistic facilities to various sectors such as paint, plastics, paper and construction chemicals with our nanometric calcite and hydrophobic nanometric calcite production in 2010, our surface coating plant in 2011 and our granule capacity that we increased in 2012


To fulfill, certify and continuously improve the quality management system requirements,

To be a reliable and respected business partner providing customer satisfaction,

To meet the expectations of the (different sectors!) sector, contribute to the provincial and national economy,

To provide competitive advantage by making innovative R & D projects in line with sectoral developments,

Being an exemplary organization that respects the society, laws and environment,

To create an employee-oriented work environment,

Creating an innovative worker culture,

To establish a cooperation based on trust with our suppliers.

Niğtaş Mikronize History

  • 1986 Production of float stone from limestone with private company status
  • 1996 The founding of Niğtaş Limited Company.
  • 2002 Starting growing fruits; mainly apples, cherries and walnuts
  • 2004 Start-up of micronized calcite production plant
  • 2006 The founding of Mikrokal Limited Company which is the affiliate company of Niğtaş
  • 2007 The founding of Intercab in Russia, which is another affiliate company
  • 2007 The second production plant of Mikrokal in Kırıkkale went into effect
  • 2007 Surface coating plant started production
  • 2009 Launching Research and Development projects supported by TÜBİTAK
  • 2010 Increasing the production capacity of micronized calcite with major new investment
  • 2010 Production of ultra-fine ground (nanometric) calcite with vertical mill investment
  • 2010 Starting railway transport after buying flatcars
  • 2011 Dairy farming investment and starting growing forage plants
  • 2012 Increasing  granule production capacity with new screen systems.

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