Animal Production

Our Project which takes place among special projects breeding milk cattle and producing hygienic milk of good quality in our country was launched in August 2010 and started production in a short time. Our plant has totally 30.000 m² closed, 100.000 m² open areas. Our establishment whose capacity objectives are 1.200 milch and 3.000 cattle, will reach the number as soon as possible. We use cutting edge milking and flock management system technologies. The milk supplied with the modern untouched closed-circuit working milking system is delivered to the cooling tanks, cooled in them within the shortest time and finally sold as raw cow milk. All of our cattle were imported, and they are Holstein and Simmental.

Moreover, within the framework of the project, we carry out scientific studies in cooperation with universities. Our constant investments will contribute to reach national targets in livestock sector. Once reaching enough capacity, we are planning to produce electricity from the fertilizer.

Breeding Milk Cattle Raising

The scope of the project is to produce milk by using natural sources and various agricultural inputs and to raise pregnant heifer. 

Milk cattle raising has been an important source of income in Niğde and in immediate surrounding for many years. With increasing number of milk cattle and cow raising in the region, the number of plants processing milk and their capacity in neighbor cities has remarkably risen. Despite developing milk processing industry and rising capacity within the project region, it is a fact that traditional production methods are used, especially for meeting families’ needs in the establishments raising milk cattle. That the milk processers lack of cutting edge technology, brings along hygiene and marketing problems. 

The flock consisting of breeding animals to be raised in the scope of the project was aimed to have the highest productivity and quality in the region and to set an example to other establishments in the region. 

According to the recording principle of modern cattle raising, plastic earrings were put on animals’ ears and chips for following on their ankles as a part of flock management system as set forth by Cattle Breeders’ Association in order to identify the cattle and to make recordings. To this end, recordings per animal have been created and all data related to the animals in the flock management system are checked any moment. 

For milking in a hygienic environment and storing the product, flock management system, and a digital milking unit measuring the product with an automatic washer and lid remover should be used. To this end, a special importance is attached to mastitis and the other causes of disease, and necessary disinfection and milking rules are taken into consideration to the highest degree. The milk produced in an untouched closed-circuit working system is cooled until +4 degrees and prepared to be sold.

Cattle Fattening

Our bulls bred as Simmental and Holstein being fed in hygienic shelters in a healthy way with forages of good quality can reach the point of slaughter and finally the consumer as quality meat and meat products. The major element in reaching this quality is that the cattle should be not be ill, artificial insemination should be used, sperm selection should be made in a delicate way, live weight at slaughter should reach to the climax with proper nutrition. 

According to the market conditions, livestock at any age from calf to the time of slaughter are also sold in our establishment.








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