About Agriculture

Within the framework of our project of breeding milk cattle and producing hygienic, refrigerated cow milk of good quality, in order to meet the needs of the project, we produce plants for raising livestock in both arid and wetlands of 5.000 decare (A metric unit of area equal to 10 ares) in total. 500 decare of this land is reserved for dry farming and the other 4500 decare for irrigated farming. In animal production as well as herbal production we cooperate with universities and carry out scientific studies on trial parcels.

Since the annual rainfall in Niğde is very low and there exist some seasonal imbalances, irrigated farming is engaged by making use of ground water in the region. In provincial-wide herbal production, grain farming distinguishes. In growing grains, the system of one-year plantation and one-year fallowing is applied. On the lands whose soil is of better quality, fruits, mainly apples, cherries and walnuts and also potatoes are grown.

Depending on animal breeding in the region, it is remarkable that forage planting is getting wider and among forage plants, trefoil and corn to be ensilaged productions are high. Our establishment supports agricultural development by using technology, a necessity for the century.


  • 1986 Production of float stone from limestone with private company status
  • 1996 The founding of Niğtaş Limited Company.
  • 2002 Starting growing fruits; mainly apples, cherries and walnuts
  • 2004 Start-up of micronized calcite production plant
  • 2006 The founding of Mikrokal Limited Company which is the affiliate company of Niğtaş
  • 2007 The founding of Intercab in Russia, which is another affiliate company
  • 2007 The second production plant of Mikrokal in Kırıkkale went into effect
  • 2007 Surface coating plant started production
  • 2009 Launching Research and Development projects supported by TÜBİTAK
  • 2010 Increasing the production capacity of micronized calcite with major new investment
  • 2010 Production of ultra-fine ground (nanometric) calcite with vertical mill investment
  • 2010 Starting railway transport after buying flatcars
  • 2011 Dairy farming investment and starting growing forage plants
  • 2012 Increasing  granule production capacity with new screen systems.

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